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Backup Generators

It is quite a cliché but it’s true – you don’t want to be left in the dark. Here in Florida, we are quite vulnerable to that actually happening, especially during hurricane season. And, there’s a good possibility those power outages could be for an extended amount of time.

While it’s true that you could purchase a gasoline-powered generator, they are noisy, need to be maintained and kept filled with gas, and often are not extremely effective. 

You do have another choice and that is installing a backup generator. Backup generators are powered by natural gas form your home’s gas line. You don’t have to refuel them. You don’t have to even start them. They turn themselves on when the electric goes out.

There are basically three different types of backup generators:

  • Whole house generators: These are large enough to power the whole house.
  • Smart circuit generators: These are “smart” in the sense that they can switch between providing power to different circuits as needed. So, for example, they can keep the food cold, then switch over to run the air conditioner for a period of time, and then give you light when it’s dark.
  • Essential circuit generators: These are the least expensive but only provide power to parts of the house that are considered “essential.”

Our team at Walsh Consulting & Electrical Services of Tallahassee provides installation of backup generators. We can deliver the generator to your home and then do the necessary installation. In addition, we do recommend a preventative maintenance contract so that it continues to give you optimal performance.

As with all our services, we are happy to talk with you and assess your needs to determine which type of generator would best suit your needs. And we’ll provide you with an estimate of the cost for the entire installation Give us a call at 850-562-9327.

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