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Tallahassee Commercial Electrical Services

The importance of a well-functioning electrical system in your place of business can’t be overstated. At Walsh Consulting & Electrical Services, we know this and are committed to providing you with comprehensive services for all your electrical needs. 

There are many approaches you may take to address and enhance your electrical system.

  • Lighting: The proper lighting is absolutely essential for you, your employees and/or clients. The proper lighting enhances employee performance as well as motivating sales.
  • Dedicated Circuitry: Electricity is channeled to different areas through individual circuits. Dedicated circuits are circuits that are set aside for a specific use such as computers or heavy duty machines. Without appropriate dedicated circuits, wiring could overheat and cause the insulation around the wire to melt. Circuit breakers are designed to stop the current before a fire starts; however, your business can suffer as a result of machines shutting down.
  • Shock and Fire Protection: Our team at Walsh Consulting & Electrical Services can determine if your business has any potential electrical hazards that could lead to a fire. If the wiring is faulty for any reason, we will take the necessary steps to make the repairs to ensure your employees are protected from electrocution or fire.
  • Efficiency: With the cost of everything spiraling upwards, this is one area where the costs can be brought down. There are many choices which include everything from installing energy saving lighting to converting to solar energy systems. We also conduct energy audits and can determine how you can make your business more energy efficient.

You can’t afford an interruption in business due to an electrical issue. The professional electricians at Walsh Consulting & Electrical Services make it our priority to ensure that this is not an issue for you. Whether it’s one of the situations described above or any other issue pertaining to electricity, we’ll deliver top quality service that can result in increased profits and efficiency. We look forward to working with you. Give us a call at 850-562-9327.

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