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1. Does the electrician have a licensed?
Florida requires that electricians be licensed. Electricians can be licensed on one of two levels. The first license is master electrician. This is someone who has at least two years of experience and can do both design and installation of electrical systems. A person with a journeyman’s license is someone who can do installations only.

2. Can the electrician provide references?
References are especially important because their work isn’t readily visible.

3. What types of insurance does the electrician have?
There are several types of insurance that an electrician should carry: liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation. Ensure that the electrician has all these by asking to see documentation.

4. Is an estimate for the cost of the job provided?
The electrician should be able to provide you with a reasonable approximation for the job.

5. Is there a warranty and guarantee for the materials and work?
You’re looking for a guarantee that is fair and reasonable. Regarding the warranty, you will want information such as how long does the warranty last and does the electrician back the warranty versus having to deal with the manufacturer.

6. Is the electrician qualified to do the work you need done?
It’s important to find out what the electrician’s qualifications are and that he or she has experience in doing the type of work you need done.
7. Have the employees undergone a background check?
This includes drug testing and criminal background checks.